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Keep reading to learn how to get clients as an appointment setter without having to send thousands of cold emails or constantly DM strangers on the internet.


Zach Schubert

Zach is the CEO/Founder of Qera Marketing, a 7-figure marketing agency. He has over 10 years’ experience in SEO and has generated $120+ Million in DTC eCommerce. Zach is a best selling author with 3 books both in English and Spanish. He is a keynote speaker on some of the biggest stages in the world where he educates people on sales and marketing strategies.

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James Buchok

A broke Uber driver not more than a year ago, James is now a part owner of Tention Marketing and former Acquisition Director for Qera Marketing. Having coached countless setters and agency owners alike, James looks forward to guiding you through your journey.

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There’s A Reason Why 99% Of Appointment Setters Never Hit $10k Per Month…

Hey I’m Zach,

You may or may not know me from Instagram as @heyzachschubert. If not, nice to meet you.

I’ve been in the digital marketing space for years now… 

I’ve generated $100M in revenue for my clients, my agency has set and closed hundreds of deals and set 

I’ve also mentored over 1,000 entrepreneurs in the SMMA vertical.

The craziest part?

My journey probably took 5 years longer than it needed to.

If I just had a place to go and learn the basic skills necessary along with the connections I needed to succeed. It would’ve taken 1 year MAXIMUM.

The problem is that any time you try to land a client as an appointment setter, it’s never a real opportunity.

If only there was someone well connected in the agency world that could connect setters directly with placements…

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Become a top 1% appointment setter...

And Land Clients FAST

Here's Exactly What's Inside Of Setter Domain

Appointment Setting 101

The fundamentals. The structures. Setting on different platforms along with different methods of communication.

Weekly Coaching

EVERYBODY gets the attention they need in Setter Domain. You’ll be learning directly from our 7 figure team that has gone through the exact stage of your career right now.

Client Opportunities

We don’t just teach you how to land clients. We take agencies looking to hire setters and hand them to you on a silver platter…

Training, coaching, clients…
(Competitors charge thousands)

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LinkedIn Masterclass

LinkedIn is the most untapped social media platform for B2B clients. We'll show you exactly how to get setting clients AND the best way to generate leads for them.

Winning Email Outreach Scripts

Don't stress yourself wondering if you're saying the right thing. We're giving you the blueprint to approaching agencies in one short PDF.

Proven Cold DM Scripts

After getting THOUSANDS of cold DMs ourselves, we can assure you these cold DM frameworks will set you up for success.

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Not only will you get access to all our past call recordings, but also all recordings moving forward.

Health Optimization

Save thousands on fitness/mindset programs. We'll give you the game for free.

0-100 Setter Masterclass

Want to know how to approach any agency and blow them away with value? We show you exactly how in this hour masterclass.

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A free 1v1 call with James

Upon completing the basic Setter Domain content, you'll be able to book a 30 minute 1v1 with James to discuss how you'll be able to best level up within your own situation. James charges $500/hr for consulting soooo yeah.

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