James Buchok

Hey I’m James Buchok,

As I write this (circa February 26, 2024) I reflect on where I was 18 months ago.

I just quit my job as a car salesman, serving in a bar while chipping away at crappy ecom stores that got me nowhere.

And yes I was poor.

What I’m saying is things can change real fast.

Things can change real fast when you learn a high value skill or 2.

But they change real REAL fast when you meet the right people.

And that’s the thing about Setter Domain…

We teach you the skills of course.

Of course you on live calls with me as I personally guide you through your heroic journey.

But that doesn’t matter, you can buy a $5k course and learn from a high achiever.

But you know what they won’t do?

They won’t give you that personal connection that you need to start leveling up your career.

Setter Domain does.

We literally get more client opportunities than we do new members.

Courtesy of my partner Zach (you’ll meet him in a sec, be patient please), he’s the founder of Agency Domain and a very well connected guy within the agency vertical.

Any relevant agency owner runs to us when they’re looking to hire.

And if they don’t, they aren’t relevant.

I’m not kidding.

So who am I you ask?

I got my start in SMMA as Zach’s client acquisition director for his 7-figure SEO agency.

I still reminisce on the good ole days when we tripled the agency within the first quarter of 2023 without having a clue what I was doing.

I even went on to gain part ownership of an email marketing agency that currently does email marketing for Andrew Tate’s ecom store.

You know, just something light.

Anyway, join Setter Domain.

I’ll be there for you.